• Grouting recorder/grouting equipment recording systemMore>>

    1.Function: This product usesdigital tube display single-chip processing technology printing in one.In the process of pile making construction operators can grasp the distribution of grouting quantity in real time and make corresponding

  • HH-400BWater stop tape welderMore>>

    1. Product name: Water stop tape welder 2. Product model: HH-400B 3. Function: water stop belt lap 4. Scope of application: tunnel buried water stop beltsteel side water stop beltback stick water stop belt. 5. Performance features:5.1 the

  • High frequency hot melt welderMore>>

    1.Product name:High frequency hot melt welder 2.Product model:HH-EWM10 3.Functions:Waterproof board and hot melt gasket(ring)and other thermoplastic products rivetingweldingpositioning. 4.Scope of application:Applicable to PPPVCPEEVAHD

  • Geomembrane welding machineMore>>

    1.Product name: Geomembrane welding machine 2.Product model:HH-615 3.Performance Feature: 1 Large welding powerfast welding speedand good welding quality; 2 This machine has stable performanceconvenient operationhigh welding efficiency a

  • Concrete truck pumpMore>>

    1.Product name: S valve / gate valve concrete on-board pump 2.Product model: 3.Product Description: Concrete truck mounted pump is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is widely use

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