Grouting recorder

Product details 1.Function:
This product uses digital tube display, single-chip processing technology, printing in one.In the process of pile making, construction operators can grasp the distribution of grouting quantity in real time, and make corresponding treatment in time according to this, control the quality of pile forming, ensure the performance of pile forming, and reduce material waste.The data recorded in the construction process of pile making are the technical data of pile quality, and can be used as the basis of inspection and acceptance department.
2.Scope of application:
Mainly used for highway compaction, pure pressure grouting, high pressure jet grouting, Grouting of high-speed iron magma and other foundation works.
 3.Performance features:
3.1. Small size, easy to carry, cost-effective;
3.2. Display and set with LED;
3.3. Integrated with computer technology processing and printing;
3.4. Pile number, start and end time and instantaneous flow can be recorded and displayed.

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