Concrete jet machine series

  • Shotcrete Manipulator Robot with Telescopic Spraying ArmMore>>

    1.Product name: Shotcrete Manipulator Robot with Telescopic Spraying Arm 2.product model:TXJS3017 3.Product description: TXJS3017 concrete shotcreting machine (manipulator or shotcreting robot) is suitable for railway highway tunnel slope

  • Dry shotcrete machineMore>>

    1.Product name:Dry shotcrete machine 2.product model: SGP-6 3.Product description: This series are divided into SGP-6 PZ-7 PZ-9 and are mainly used for dry-mix concrete spraying in tunnelling culvert subway slope stabilization swimming

  • gunite shotcrete machineMore>>

    1.Product name: gunite shotcrete machine 2.product model: PZ-7 3.Product description: At present the wet jet machine is widely used in the market. There are many models including SGP-6 PZ-7 and PZ-9. Among them the PZ-7 wet jet machine i

  • wet shotcrete machineMore>>

    1.Product name: wet shotcrete machine 2.Product model:HH-700/600 3. Product description: HH-700/600The wet shotcrete machine on the principle of rotor-piston cam feeding mechanism is at the world leading levelIt has the following three char

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