Geomembrane welding series

Product details 1.Product name: Dual gun high frequency hot melt welder
2.Product model: HH-EWM10
3.Functions:Waterproof board and hot melt gasket(ring)and other thermoplastic products riveting,welding,positioning.
4.Scope of application: Applicable to PP,PVC,PE,EVA,HDPE,and other tunnel waterproof board and hot melt gasket(ring)and other thermoplastic plastic products.
5.Performance Feature:High-frequency hot-melt welding machine,fast welding speed,high welding strength,wide range of application.
 5.1  This equipment has higher strength than ultrasonic welding machine;
 5.2 Simple operation,fast welding speed and high working efficency;
 5.3 Able to weld common welding materials,wide range of application;
 5.4 The welding process has no damage to the base metal;
 5.5 This equipment is equipped with anti-towing,anti-abeasion and anti-breaking control line.

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