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Tower crane market "money" view unlimited electricity business area into the latest business opportunities

Time:2020-08-25 10:36  

In recent years, China has become a major producer of tower cranes in the world. According to statistics, China has become the world’s first country with annual output of tower cranes exceeding 10,000 units in 2001. China’s tower cranes can not only meet domestic construction requirements. It also exports a lot to developed countries and regions such as Europe and America. In 2010, the annual output of tower cranes in China reached nearly 40,000, of which 2,000 were exported.

In order to allow customers to enjoy more professional and comprehensive services in the process of selecting a tower crane, many large-scale tower crane manufacturers in China began to look to the electricity supplier and tasted the sweetness. In fact, not all tower crane manufacturers share e-commerce cakes. Like medium and small tower crane companies, they are unable to operate e-commerce platforms on their own due to the influence of funds and talents. However, if they use network sales, especially with mature e-commerce platforms, they will be relatively simple.

Tower crane companies enter the field of e-commerce, generally divided into three ways:

1. Build an e-commerce platform by yourself. This method requires high capital and technical requirements.

2. With the help of e-commerce platforms, companies establish their own operations and maintenance teams. The advantage of this model is that they can bring business returns to the company quickly, but they need high-quality operational personnel.

3, looking for agency operators, traditional companies and agency operators to reach a benefit-sharing agreement.

It can be seen that the third mode requires low cost and low threshold, which is more suitable for SMEs. However, even in cooperation with agency operators, various modes of e-commerce platforms make it difficult for SMEs to choose.

It is understood that, in the domestic tower mechanical and electrical business, the online payment platform for paying for the effects is only a lifting equipment factory shop. Many B2B platforms use a membership system. Regardless of whether there are orders or not, annual membership fees must be paid, and manufacturers bear great risks.

According to reports, the hoisting equipment factory shop model is not charged any fees before the bill, which is the so-called pay-per-effect, the transaction is unsuccessful, no charge. Enterprises only need to publish supply information on the platform. The factory shop will fully promote, solve inquiries, order issues, and ultimately the company will decide whether to trade. Without a single bill, companies do not need to spend a penny. Coupled with free admission, exclusive services, lifting equipment factory shop is simply a direct center of the company's online brand. Now many tower crane manufacturers have successfully settled in hoisting equipment factory stores, whose demonstration role will lead the tower crane industry into the era of e-commerce.

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